Week 1, Lecture 1

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In this lecture we introduce the concepts of accessibility and universal design. We also introduce the concept of "Situation Induced Impairments". A short video is used to give a personal and emotional view on having a disability.

Introduction to Accessibility, Universal Design and Dynamic User Experiences (PowerPoint)

Introduction to Accessibility, Universal Design and Dynamic User Experiences (pdf)

Video of Lena Maria KlingvallVideo about the life of a person with a disability (6 min 37 s)

The seven Principles of Universal design (pdf)

The book: "Design Side by Side" (pdf)

The starting point for most of what is written in this book is people with disabilities. Situations of great difficulty need to be highly prioritized, for their own sake and also because that which first appears to be "special" sooner or later comes to benefit society in general, in most cases. The book is divided into two sections. The first consists of ten diverse chapters which all show that no matter how difficult a situation may be, there is always something you can do about it. These chapters are rich in content, yet easy to read. The intention is for each author to tell his or her story, straightforward, with each chapter standing on its own. Section 2 is not as easy a read. This is where we present the theory- and method-building components to the reader that facilitate, unite and further elaborate. This section also contains a full and varied reference list.

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